Management Consultancy & Executive Personal Coaching
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To B’IMPRESS this predicates a specific expertise:

  • Corporate Planning and Business Development
  • Management Coaching
  • One Page Organization
  • Reorganization after restructuring, merger, or reorganization
  • Process optimization, and process organization
  • Team and Organizational Development (see our blog posts on this blog. >>>Bimpress1 blog)
  • Supervision and Team Coaching
  • Quality Management
  • Health Management
  • Training for management and leadership tasks
  • Business Mediation & Conflict Management

To our coaching services “Management Consultants” and successor coaching you have come to the right
place. Define goals and fix.
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Founders’ Consulting Services
Regaring founding and startup-related advice, please see your special sub-page for founders here.
More details and topics, including business succession, gives you your contact person: Robert Brunner
Also appropriate, to our advice in HR & Personnel Coaching see our coaching sub-website. >>>Personnel Coaching.

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On your demand we offer to let take place some of our trainings and coachings at exclusive locations.
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Corporate Consulting & Entrepreneural Consulting
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See here current projects within the IT rel. industry:

  • AI4SMB, also named KI4KMU, as AI for SMBs
  • eunearshoring.com – The Guarantee To Deliver in IT – is partner for #nearshoring  & IT services in EU (eunearshore, #Nearshoring as a service)
  • for Healthcare-IT see here.
  • EVA (Enhanced Vision Affect technology) – sharping images in TV & streaming
  • Help-Doctor.de – telemedicine 24h for clinics and medical offices

Further projects and references:



2C4B – Customer Media & Coaching