CSR & Sustainability Corporate Consultancy
Companies worldwide face growing scrutiny on issues that range from climate change to labour standards;
from their supply chains to reporting on their various activities and operations. Corporate policies and
practices are under growing review by governments, investors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs),
customers and their own employees.

Our corporate responsibility team understands these challenges and, more importantly, just how they are
playing out in India. Our qualified team provides personalized CSR services ranging from a primary needs
assessment to developing, executing and managing programmes.
Sustainability is an integral part of corporate reality. By making sustainability a core element of an overall
corporate strategy, our clients benefit while contributing to critical social and environmental issues affecting
society. We help our clients achieve this by aligning community and other stakeholder engagements with
the company’s business objective.
Programmes can be a combination of both specific community interventions as well as broader causebased
advocacy. Our contacts include a robust network of NGOs and other institutions that can serve as
appropriate and credible partners for programme design as well as execution.

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